Winning Customers With the 7 Step Soft Skills’ Problem-Solving Formula.

Winning Customers
Winning Customers

“Every day, ask yourself if your customers are happy because if your customers are not happy, that is the beginning of the death of your business. Customer experience is key/king” – Jack Ma.

The above was a quote from Jack Ma’s speech during his recent trip to Africa. It was a speech that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED listening to!

Another quote that struck home for me was his take on complaints.

He said, “When you see people complaining, that is where opportunities are found.”

(Really? We know that complaining customers are not the best to deal with. They are best avoided. Wish them away!)

Well, the truth is, a complaint is a litmus test for how we are doing. It highlights areas that need improvement. That is why we should always be willing AND ready to listen to a customer’s complaint.

However, let’s face it, listening to a complaining customer is never easy and can be draining at best.

But ignoring the customer or dismissing the complaint should never be an option.

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