Soft Skills Tips Blogs – Reflections of 2017

Customer Service Tips Worth Sharing
Customer Service Tips Worth Sharing

January is over. Already?!

Time surely does fly.

In our first post of 2018, let’s reflect on our journey thus far.

It has been exciting sharing customer service tips and tricks with you.

Besides the posts on this blog, I have guest posted on other blogs and I am delighted to share those with you.

1.) Interview Soft Skills

In this blog, I decided to step away from Customer Service ever so slightly.

You can appreciate that Soft Skills are just as important in getting the job. The good news is, mastering Soft Skills for an interview is ridiculously easy as I broke it down in this Thrive Global post;

2.) The Angry Customer

The angry customer one person that we pray and keep all fingers crossed that we shall NEVER have to deal with. Unfortunately, facing an angry customer can come, like a thief in the dark, when you least expect it.

Having a toolkit of Tips and Tricks to pull out and turn the customer around can come in handy as outlined in this post;

5 Easy-to-Master Tips To Calm an Angry Customer By Hannah Karanja

3.) A Personal Experience;

In this post, I decided to share a personal experience – a real-life story. Something that I felt was worth sharing.

Want to win your customers’ hearts? This is what not to do.

Look out for more exciting tips and tricks that I shall be sharing with you throughout 2018.

In the meantime, share the above if they resonate with you and don’t forget to leave a comment to share your customer service experiences with us. Or just to say hi… 🙂

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