5 Simple Steps to Creating a Vision Board that is Sure to Win You Customers.

Vision Board
Vision Board

Vision boards are so in right now!

Trying doing a google search and the results will be massive

Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Katy Perry all swear by them. Jim Carey once admitted that long before he became a Hollywood “A-lister”, he wrote a one million dollar cheque to himself and pasted it next to his picture. Fast forward many years later, Jim Carey was a household name.

We all have dreams for our businesses. Whether it’s to scale the business to another level or to add multiple sources of income, having a dream is a good thing. The next step is to keep that dream in focus and that is where the famous vision board comes in.

Now let’s stop for a moment to define a vision board…

Simply put, a vision board is a board on which one displays images (or words) that represent what they would like to be or to have.

Studies prove that visualizing your dreams triggers sections of the brain that create energy that brings the dreams to fruition. (But of course, those of you who have read “The Secret” already know that…).

As Helen Keller once so eloquently put it, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”.

So what does a Vision Board have to do with Customer Service? I say everything.

When your goals are clear and you have a dream that you are aiming for (and every business person should have goals and a dream), you will be more grounded. When you are grounded, it is then easier to focus on what’s important to your business; Your customers.

So if you have never made a vision board, here’s the good news; there are no hard and fast rules. Do what works for you. However, there are a few steps that can make the process easier.

Here’s how;

#1: Set Goals

Dreams without goals are just that – Dreams! I kid you not…

That is why the whole process should start with the writing down of goals. Not just goals but specific goals. When doing so, focus on the following key areas;

1. Spiritual growth

2. Family

3. Personal/Health

4. Finances

5. Business

6. Family

Take your time as you write down the goals. Ask yourself, “Where do I see myself a year from now?”

#2: Break Down the Goals

Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer or even unemployed but hoping to be employed or freelancing someday, remember, people like to do business with people that they know, like and trust. So as you focus on your business goals, zero in on the following areas and ask yourself, “How can I improve on these?”

1. Emotional intelligence: What can I do to connect with my customers and empathize with their needs?

2.  Initiative and Drive: How can I be more proactive and adaptable to change?

3. Work Ethics: What can I do to ensure that I always walk away with an “A for effort”?

4. Accountability: How can I learn from my mistakes to ensure continuous improvement?

5. Integrity: How can I always do what is right? (Even at the expense of profits).

Once you set your goals and have the answers to the above questions, your dreams will be that much clearer.

#3: Plan ahead


It is possible to get caught up in the vision board hype and be tempted to jump right in and start cutting and pasting but good planning will ensure a smooth process. Do the following beforehand;

1. Pick a date: It is important to pick a date and time that you can work on the vision board uninterrupted. Set aside 90 minutes to 2 hours so you can really focus and meditate on your goals.

2. Stock up on magazines: Get magazines that fit your brand’s mission and vision. But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Stock up on supplies: Supplies include;

· A board

· Markers

· Glue or paste

· Scissors

4. Choose your favourite soft music: Pick something soft and soothing. Preferably something instrumental.

5. Choose a quiet, comfortable location: Isolate yourself and let everyone know that you’ll be doing something very important to avoid interruptions. In fact, go a step further and leave your phone and other gadgets in another room. Facebook can wait… 🙂

6. Lighting: Ensure that the mood is just right. The room should be neither too dark or too bright.

7. Attire: Dress for comfort. Preferably something loose fitting.

#4: Work on the Vision Board

You are now ready to take the first step towards your dream! The following will help you relax and work with ease;

· Keep a bottle of water and a warm close: Sipping on a drink can be very soothing.

· Mediate for approximately 10 minutes: There are various meditation videos on YouTube to choose from. Meditation clears the brain of all “clutter” and helps you focus.

· Say a short prayer: Take the time to connect with God

· Choose images: Choose images that reflect your goals.

· Paste: Have a specific place on the vision for specific dreams. For example, the top part can represent your spiritual goals, the right hand can represent your personal goals etc.

· Avoid cluttering: A cluttered vision board can be very confusing to the brain so keep it organized.

· Affirmations: Write affirmations in the present tense. For example, instead of saying, “I will be a successful entrepreneur”, write, “I am a successful entrepreneur”.

#5: Visualize

Now that your vision board is ready, display it in a strategic place where you can see it every morning. Look at it every day and believe that your dreams are closer than they were yesterday. Believe that you’ve got this!

Final Thoughts

The power of the vision board should never be underestimated. It is easy to feel like you’re your dreams for your business are impossible.  Like they are beyond your reach. Like they are too ambitious. (The imposter syndrome is real!).

Whenever your self-doubts creep in, remember the famous Johnny Logan 1987 song that says, “Dream, but do not be afraid your dream is not real”.

Remember, the best is yet to come!

Do you believe in vision boards? I’d love to hear from you. Leave your thought in the comments section below.

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